20 years of production history, More than 50 aquarium projects; More than 40 acrylic swimming pool projects; Abundant project experience.

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Acrylic Swimming Pool
Acrylic Swimming Pool
Do you know the Westin Chongqing?The beautiful infinity pool is built by us, which will give you a special visual feast.Of course, our pool can also be built in other places and blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape.
Factory supply Custom Large Acrylic Fish Tank Acrylic Aquariums
Factory supply Custom Large Acrylic Fish Tank Acrylic Aquariums
Leyu Acrylic has produced acrylic glass since 2000 with a history of 20 years' production. The acrylic thickness ranges from 30mm to 700mm. The largest acrylic panel size is L11m*W3m. The main products are acrylic aquariums. The acrylic aquariums are exported todozens of foreign countries.Leyu in ECONOMIC Development Zone,Leyu town,Zhangjiagang City Main products Professional Acrylic Aquariums manufacturersWith all these features, this product will not bring evil consequences such as overcrowding, tantalizing machine-noises, and air pollution.
Factory supply high transparency clear Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets Acrylic Panels
Factory supply high transparency clear Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets Acrylic Panels
Leyu Acrylic begins to produce the thick acrylic panels since 2000 and has a 20 years' production history. The acrylic thickness ranges from 30mm to 700mm. The largest acrylic panel size is L11m*W3m. These acrylic panels are mainly used for acrylic swimming pools,acrylic windows and acrylic aquariums.We have completed the production of more than 50 aquariums. The technique of acrylic panel production and installation has grown mature through years of accumulation. Warmly welcome to our factory!Leyu in ECONOMIC Development Zone, Leyu town, Zhangjiagang City Main products Customized Acrylic Panels manufacturers From China has established long-term and stable cooperation with many competitive brands.
Produce The Acrylic Flat Panels
Produce The Acrylic Flat Panels
Do you know how thick the panel of the cylinder on the cover of the video is?Let me show you around our factory. You can see what they looked like before they were installed. Let's get a feel for how thick they are.

1. We use Lucite as the raw material which is top-level on the market, so our acrylic glass has a transparency of 96%.

2. The thickness of the acrylic sheet we produce ranges from 30mm to 700mm. We are a strong manufacturer.

3. 100% Bonding no-bubble, the connector/gap non-yellowing.

4. Heating again in Annealing Furnace, Eliminate external environmental stress.

5. Outdoor use non-yellowing.

6. Warranty 20 years.

7. Numerically controlled center mold, more precise bending size.

8. Exist at -40°C to 80°C.

9. The oldest marine aquarium we have produced has been in operation for 17 years.

10. We have production experience in 50 aquariums and can provide mature on-site aquarium project installation service and technical support.

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    Every project we work on is checked for quality assurance to satisfy the needs of the modern society.
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    Our professional team can install all kinds of equipment in the finished building as a part of post-construction services.
  • 20+
    Leyu Plexiglass Product Factory has 20 years of history.
  • 92%
    The transmittance can reach 9 2 %.
  • 2 0 0 3
    Earliest aquarium project was produced in 2 0 0 3.
Leyu Plexiglass Product Factory.
Is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, it is near Shanghai city. So it is very convenient to visit our factory. Leyu Plexiglass, which has 20 years of history, it is a professional manufacturer of cast acrylic panels and acrylic aquariums. All the acrylic panels are produced with imported raw materials Lucite.
The transmittance can reach 9 2 %.
Our acrylic panels are mainly used for acrylic swimming pools, acrylic fish tanks, large acrylic windows, acrylic tunnels, and undertaking aquarium projects.
Comfortable and confident with our goods in their applications.
Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park
Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park
Have you ever been to an aquarium? What connects us to the undersea world is actually the acrylic panels, which makes us feel like we are in the tunnel under the sea, including various fish tanks, and some performing pool stages.
We participated in a variety of aquarium exhibitions and activities, made friends from all over the world, together to build aquarium world and completed numerous projects.We also warmly invited friends to visit our factory.
2017 Philippines
2017 Philippines
With 25 years of production history, more than 50 aquarium production experience, more than 40 acrylic swimming pool production, rich experience in fish tank production, Leyu acrylic , worthy of your trust.
Doha Swimming Pool, Qatar
Doha Swimming Pool, Qatar
Our panels can also be used to build swimming pools, either on the ground or suspended from the top floor.The transparency of the acrylic has achieved the visual effect of the swimming pool without the frame, to achieve the fusion of the pool and the scenery, the swimming pool to achieve a unique visual effect.
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