20 years of production history, More than 50 aquarium projects; More than 40 acrylic swimming pool projects; Abundant project experience.


Leyu Plexiglass Product Factory.

Is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, it is near Shanghai city. So it is very convenient to visit our factory. Leyu Plexiglass, which has 20 years of history, it is a professional manufacturer of cast acrylic panels and acrylic aquariums. All the acrylic panels are produced with imported raw materials Lucite.

The transmittance can reach 9 2 %.

Our acrylic panels are mainly used for acrylic swimming pools, acrylic fish tanks, large acrylic windows, acrylic tunnels, and undertaking aquarium projects.

In recent years, we have successfully exported acrylic panels and large acrylic fish tanks to many countries including Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, United States, the United Kingdom, France and Europe country. And we become the designated supplier of many aquarium groups at home and abroad. We have a design team and we will provide blueprints based on your plan. We also have our own experienced construction team and successfully undertaken many aquariums. We supply acrylic panels and provide acrylic installation service for more than 50 aquariums at home and abroad. We have finished more than 40 acrylic swimming pools at home and abroad. The

earliest aquarium project was produced in 2 0 0 3, It has been 17 years. Please Contact us, we will give you a complete set of services from acrylic production to acrylic installation, and our practical experience is worthy of your trust.

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