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Fish Tank

Fish tank, a transparent, often glass tank in which live fish are held, and used to raise 

tropical fish or goldfish for viewing purposes.

The fish tank is not only the fish's home, but also the family's common life enjoyment. 

Built a sweet home to fish already, also enriched integral bedroom environment. Fish 

tank is an indispensable decoration in the home, is a perfect combination with space, 

is the soul of home, office, commercial space Zen master.

Acrylic Jellyfish
Do you know Jellyfish?Jellyfish predate dinosaurs, dating back 650 million years. Jellyfish come in many different forms, ranging in diameter from 10 cm to 100 cm, and are found everywhere in the ocean. The vast majority of seafood, with only a few species occurring in fresh water, is most abundant in shallow waters of tropical and subtropical oceans.
Jellyfish Tank
Do you like jellyfish? They are like stars in the water, shining and lighting up the undersea world.Leyu produces and exports jellyfish tanks of various sizes and shapes. The light of jellyfish penetrates through the acrylic panel, giving us a zero-distance impression.
Huaian Fish Tank
Have you ever seen such an aquarium? Do you know how it was built? Welcome to Le Yu Plexiglass, from the plate production, packaging, transportation,to the installation, let me take you to visit the aquarium world together.
Factory supply Custom Large Acrylic Fish Tank Acrylic Aquariums
Leyu Acrylic has produced acrylic glass since 2000 with a history of 20 years' production. The acrylic thickness ranges from 30mm to 700mm. The largest acrylic panel size is L11m*W3m. The main products are acrylic aquariums. The acrylic aquariums are exported to dozens of foreign countries.Leyu in ECONOMIC Development Zone,Leyu town,Zhangjiagang City Main products Professional Acrylic Aquariums manufacturersWith all these features, this product will not bring evil consequences such as overcrowding, tantalizing machine-noises, and air pollution.
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